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Undercarriage led off-road modified colorful atmosphere light

Undercarriage led off-road modified colorful atmosphere light

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Power: 9w*8PCS
Lamp Bead Model: Original imported CREE lamp beads from the United States
Voltage: 10~30V
Color temperature: RGB colorful
Light type: ambient light
Working life: 30000 hours
Working temperature: -40~80℃
Luminous flux: 3000lm
Protection level: IP67
Shell material: die-cast aluminum shell
Lens: PMMA organic glass
Light color: RGB colorful
2. Product features:

Mobile phone Bluetooth control, changeable modes, small size, light weight and long life.

Color classification: black, white lamp body, white, yellow, blue, red colorful atmosphere lamp
The front and back separated frame structure analysis shell.waterpfoof structure, easy to disassemble
Long life: Advanced LED exceeds ordinary light bulbs, bright and energy-saving, built-in cross-current drive, longer life, life is more than 30,000 hours
Aluminum alloy shell, better shockproof and waterproof function. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: It can be used in heavy rain or harsh environments.
Wide operating voltage range: It can be applied in different types of vehicles, widely used in car lights, truck lights, off-road lights, mechanical lights, agricultural machinery, engineering lights, excavator lights, forklift lights, sweepers Atmospheric lighting for vehicles such as snow car lights and armored car lights.

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